ArashixOhmiya (arashixohmiya) wrote,

[LQ] KagiHeya SP making *RAW

Tags: kagiheya sp, making, ohno satoshi

  • [OPEN!!] 5x17 Anniversary Project!

    umm.. i dont want to type much. download fast before i private em.. enjoy this celebration -3- *throw confetti~<3* FNS 2016 - Uta No Natsu…

  • [Hey3] Arashi- Bittersweet HD RAW

    Oh my.. they looks sooo cuuuuute!!!! @-@ btw i dont want to talk much soo... here is it! :) they looks soo cool aren't they!?

  • LOVE con Arashi

    i got this picture from my friend.. she said she took this from love con during opening... is it true!!!!!??? KAWAIII~~~~~ >/////<

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